Tombée du ciel, chroniques d’une campagne
by Samuel Boujnah

50’ - 2018

In the wake of the presidential election, rages the battle for Congress. All over the country, a new kind of candidates runs under the ‘En Marche !’ banner, the movement created only a year ago by new president-elect Emmanuel Macron. Half of these wannabe representatives come from civil society. The documentary focuses on the campaign of Marion Buchet, a former fighter pilot running for MP in a forlorn industrial area, in the East of France. The National Front scored locally in the first round of the national vote. Is Marion going to win this new battle?

In co-production with VICE MEDIA FRANCE 

Broadcasted on VICELAND TV on May 21, 2018 at 9:10 pm
Available on MyCanal replay until June 20, 2018

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