L’orientation (Ways)
by Géraldine Millo

52’ - In production

Eléonore is a big mouth teenage girl attending vocational school in Fécamp, Normandy. She can follow the apprenticeship she likes in order to become a nurse, a caterer, a hairdresser or even a farmer… But unlike her friend Marion, she looses track and drops off of school. While she stays home among her family and takes care of her numerous siblings, Marion goes to Caen, the big city, to learn how to become a beautician. In her unique aesthetic style, director Géraldine Millo shares her vision of the friendship between two endearing rural teenage girls coming from overlooked backgrounds.  

With the support of Normandy Region, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, CNC, Périphéries
Coproduced by Lyon Capitale TV, la Chaine Normande

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