About us

Dryades Films is a French production company founded in the Summer of 2016 by Claire Babany, Eléonore Boissinot & Arié Chamouni. We are based in Paris and Marseille. Our goal is to produce creative documentaries for the cinema, web & TV, focused on society, culture & human interest.

We build up relationships with promising filmmakers seeking attentive and passionate partners allowing them to fulfill their projects while preserving their own style.

We are keen on working with International partners and our previous experiences in coproduction with various countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Italy,Belgium, Israel or Canada have comforted us in our ambition to produce documentaries across the borders.

While Claire Babany & Eléonore Boissinot jointly produce all the projects, Arié Chamouni provides financial and legal counsel. 

They have produced since then several documentaries, chief among them the award-winning Denis Parrot’s feature length OUT which has been touring the festival circuit in Europe and overseas.


Claire BabanyA graduate from Sciences Po Paris, Claire also studied Film at the University of Toronto and had a programming experience at the Chicago International Film Festival, before joining the acclaimed French production company Les Films du Poisson.
She there worked on noteworthy international co-productions such as Dror Moreh’s documentary feature THE GATEKEEPERS, a 2013 Academy Awards nominee. She worked on Blaise Harrison’s celebrated documentaries SUMMER GROWING UP (Cannes Directors’ Fortnight 2011) and HARMONY (Locarno 2013). In 2016 she line produced 3 more documentaries among which EAT THAT QUESTION – FRANK ZAPPA IN HIS OWN WORDS, first presented at Sundance 2016 and theatrically released by Sony Pictures Classics. The same year Claire produced a web documentary series for ARTE, MUSIC ON THE ROAD, shot in innovative binaural sound, which achieved one of the top audience ratings of the ARTE Creative website for 2016.

Eléonore Boissinot Trained in social sciences, hindi and documentary direction at
Les Ateliers Varan, Eleonore started her career by assisting anthropologists in the field in Jordan, Lebanon and India. She then joined YUZU Productions where she worked on several international co-productions for ARTE and many other European channels, with producers Fabrice Estève and Christian Popp. She worked for other companies such as Narratio Films and Les Films du Poisson on noteworthy international co-productions such as THE SETTLERS by Shimon Dotan selected at Sundance 2016 and EAT THAT QUESTION - FRANK ZAPPA IN HIS OWN WORDS by Thorsten Schütte, also selected at Sundance 2016, and distributed all over the world by Sony Pictures Classics. She is also a hindi speaker, which allowed her to develop her first feature-length documentary as a director, THE PATHAN SISTERS, produced by Dryades and pre-bought by France Télévisions and RTS.

Arié Chamouni A graduate from Université Paris-Dauphine in Corporate Finance, Arié Chamouni has decided early on to specialize on the financial matters of the film industry, with an international dimension. After a year in Toronto and a few experiences in French majors such as Gaumont Animation (royalties) and StudioCanal (French films profitability), he starts his career in 2011 at bank Neuflize OBC as a credit analyst. In 2013, he joins Stone Angels and producer Pierre-Ange Le Pogam as Head of Finance. He works on films such as GRACE OF MONACO by Olivier Dahan, SMART ASS by Kim Chapiron and THE FAITHFUL by Michaël R. Roskam. In 2017, he joins the production companies Vixens (film) and Phantasm (advertising and music videos) as Head of Finance and Partner.

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Tel:  +33(0)6 76 87 14 97 / +33(0)6 64 50 76 96 - contact@dryadesfilms.com